PRO Series Fog Fluid

PRO Series Fog Fluid

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PRO-C Haze/Fog Fluid

PRO-C is a latest environmental-friendly professional high-density fluid for professional haze machine and fog machine. The fog/haze created can stay twice time as long as ordinary fluid, overcoming the flaw of fast disperse.

PRO-V Fast Dissipating Fog Fluid

Special-formulation PRO-V is a latest environmental-friendly professional fluid for high-end performance, with better light transmission feature, producing much brighter burst of fog and dissipating in seconds, perfect for creating instantaneous atmospheric columns. With special modulation makes it have good transmission of light. Colorful smoke column will be more brighter. Safety and environmental-friendly. PRO-V Fog fluid is Prepared by dilution with high-quality food grade multi-functional alcohol with water, and it adopts a double reverse osmosis and UV filtering purification, which ensures natural and germ-free fluid.