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UV Neon Glow Body Paint by Stage FX

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Whether it’s for a wedding, party, corporate event, awards night, photo shoot, private celebration, colour run or school fund raising, your guests will love it when your Stage FX products fill your venue with spectacular effects.

We have the biggest buying power available enabling us to give you the best price. Size does count. So join us on your next adventure to MAKE YOUR SHOW STAND OUT.

Colour Me Neon Paint Features

  • About Washable Fluorescent Paint

    Neon Party Paint is fun safe washable and designed to put directly onto people. With Black Lights it will glow Fluorescent and turn any fun event or party into a whole new world. We are the only company in Australia who can supply this in bulk quantities and always have stock on hand.

  • Locally Stocked

    A large range of colours and denominations are carried by us in Australia so we can supply to your event anywhere.

  • Your Safety

    Neon Party Paint has been specially formulated to be used and squirted directly onto people. Eyes should be protected by appropriate glasses.

  • Non Toxic

    Made in the USA this paint complies with AST-4236 and is completely safe. Has very little odour. Designed to be washed completely off the skin and hair easily. We are able to supply all of the MSDS requirements on all colours. This item can be diluted before use to make it go further for your event.

  • Clothing

    Neon Party Paint washes out of most materials with water. White clothing will give the best effect with the paint although it works and looks fantastic just on skin.

  • Bulk Quantities

    If you are planning a big event please contact our office for bulk discounts. Contact Us.

Colour your world

Carefully crafted vivid Neon UV Body Paint by Stage FX. Large selection in stock ready to ship.

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