Stage FX Hearts/Butterfly Confetti Cannon (Handheld)

Stage FX Hearts/Butterfly Confetti Cannon (Handheld)

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Stage FX Hearts Confetti Cannon

  • Fired by hand
  • One use only
  • Indoor/Outdoor use

Small (40cm)

  • Shoots 8 metres
  • 40cm x 5cm
  • Comes prepackaged with heart shaped confetti
  • Material: Mylar / Tissue
  • Size Hearts: 3cm Width x 2.5cm Height

    These party type favors are preloaded, one time use and disposable.
    A simple twist of both halves is all that is required to activate. 

     SAFETY: Confetti Cannons are NOT A TOY! ALWAYS remember to apply common sense and never point directly at a person or animal.